WAR: THE HUMAN COST with 19 track War & Peace CD. £1 of every book sold goes to Campaign Against Arms Trade

War: The Human Cost contains the work of 67 artists from around the world, with 80% of the work being made specifically for this book. With groundbreaking, visually stunning strips, the book reveals truths regarding the realities of conflict, and the unethical practices of those who profit from it. From first hand accounts, through biting satire, to well researched exposés and factual pieces, this expressive and humanist work joins the dots from the duplicitous political think tanks and arms manufacturers, to warzone and human rights abuses, right through to the refugees and asylum seekers and those who put their lives on the line to end the bloodshed and create peace. From well known and veteran artists such as Steve Bell, Spain Rodriguez, Peter Kuper, Mack White, Aleksandar Zograf, Marcel Ruijters, Abu Mahjoob, Colin Upton, Mark Stafford and Mazen Kerbaj to lesser known underground talent including Lawrence Elwick, Christopher Rainbow, Paul O Connell, Hannes Pasqualini, Ulli Lust, Alejandro Alvarez, Nelson Evergreen, Dan Locke, Inko, Eric Theriault, Nicole Schulman, Jimi Gherkin and  Dan Archer (full list of contributors at bottom of page); this anthology showcases a moving and visually stunning collection of comic strips and art.

The accompanying War & Peace CD, an eclectic collection of fantastic music features tracks by 20 artists including Michael Franti & Spearhead, Big Youth, Sly & Robbie, The Levellers, DJ Spooky, Zion Train, Blue King Brown, Kal, Bela Emerson, Groove Corporation, Andre Afram Asmar & many more. Spanning World Music, Reggae, Punk, Gypsy/ Roma, Folk, Dub, Experimental & Electronica,  like the book, explores the themes of conflict, struggle, standing up for peace and positivity in the face of oppression.

Back cover quotes from those who previewed the book:

  • Joe Sacco (Palestine/ Safe Area Gorazde): “War is hardly glorious, as this hard-hitting anthology, which approaches human conflict from many different angles and with many different pens, makes crystal clear. A welcome push back from artists against militarists everywhere.”
  • David Lloyd (V For Vendetta): “A monumental collection of gripping and fascinating strips telling stories about the grim reality of armed conflict across the globe. A glory-free war zone from people with a passion for the truth.”
  • Paul Gravett (Great British Comics): “This is a landmark project, gathering from across the globe accessible, compelling graphic reportages and reflections on the price we pay as individuals, societies and human beings for the conflicts that besiege our world.”
  • Warren Pleece (True Faith/ American Splendor: Coventry): “This is a really important work and a great compilation of thought provoking, hard-hitting comics that should be on every schools reading list and by the bedside tables of all leaders who claim our best interests.”

-260 page perfect bound volume (including 50 colour pages)
-High quality stock/ matte card cover
-Includes War & Peace compilation CD
-Limited Edition of 750 hand-numbered copies


Contributers to the book: Vince Packard, Peter Kuper, Ian Pyper, Sean Duffield, Aleksandar Zograf, Eric Theriault, Justin Wertham, Spain Rodriguez, Dan Gonzalez, Steve Bell, Abu Mahjoob, Ciaran Cross, Pier Gajewski, Oliver Schulze, Dr Parsons, Jimi Gherkin, Debra-Lyn Williams, Pete Clack, Dan Archer, Ben Naylor, Andy Vine, Sean Michael Wilson, Lee O Connor, Lawrence Elwick, Bill Donovan, Hannes Pasqualini, Alejandro Alvarez, Nicole Schulman, Ulli Lust, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, Chelovek, Paulo Cunho, Paul O Connell, Dan Hansen, Nelson Evergreen, Mazen Kerbaj, Christopher Rainbow, Selina Lock, I.N.J Culbard, Paul Stapleton, Deborah Valentine, Joel Andreas, Peter S Conrad, Mack White, Marcel Ruijters, Daniel Locke, Nate Higley, Al Frank, Louis Price, Inko (Ai Takita Lucas), Laura O, Ben Jennings, Johnathan Vankin, Steve Mannion, Greg Baldino, Noelle Barby, Cactusboy (Simon Crook), Cliodhna Lyons, Latuff, Iain Laurie, Jen Sorensen, Stephanie McMillan, A.R. Teest, Colin Upton, Bryan Kent Ward & article by Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT)